Leica Geosystems CLM and TruView having strange licensing issue


So I’m currently running a Leica CLM on an EC2 instance.  Its the only thing its running on the Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Server.  Today I had reports of both the TueView Global and TVG Generator licenses being unavailable.  Sure enough, I log into TVG and there’s no license.  I checked the communication between the TVG server and the CLM server – everything is good.  So launched a remote desktop session on the CLM to investigate futher.  Somehow, the CLM software was completely void of any Leica Geosystems Entitlements!  What the heck?!  I immediately located the appropriate entitlements and activated them.   Upon logging back into the TVG administration portal, I noticed that it still hasn’t re-acquired the licenses that it needed.   I forced it to pull a license double, double checked the CLM’s server IP to make sure it was pulling from the correct source, and everything was just as it was.

I had to get in touch with Leica to have them, “recover” the license.  Not really sure what that means on their end but what ever they did, instantly made TVG authorize again from the CLM without me doing a single thing!  This has happened before when I originally setup these instances.  I wonder if anyone knows if this is related to it being on Amazon EC2 or if its a known bug in Leica licencing…

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