Migrating an Amazon EC2 Instance to another Region

Data Migration Amazon AWS
Data Migration Amazon AWS

Today there are countless cloud services available and your company most likely takes advantage of at least one service in the cloud (and if not you need to really sit down and think about it).  Amazon has been in the cloud game for quite some time now.  Remember your first Kindle?  Yeah, well that used a form of cloud services to make books, magazines, and other media available from a central location across a variety of your personal devices.  In fact, Amazon may very well have been one of the first successful cloud service providers.

Well with the Kindle being such a hot product offering it was a no-brainer for Amazon to dive into other forms of media like music, audio books, television, and movies to name a few.  Well for a couple years now Amazon has taken it to the next level offering more than just cloud media for its subscribers.  Today you can log onto Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) and within just a few minutes (literally) you can have a new Microsoft Windows Server 2016 up and running ready to handle anything from DNS and Active Directory  services to file storage and product licensing services.

If you are looking to learn how to harness the power of Amazon Web Services for high availability servers that are scale-able, that is a whole different topic of conversation.  This document is intended for those who are already familiar with the process of creating and managing EC2 Instances and for a variety of reasons want to migrate their Instances to another Region.

This process requires that your take a snapshot of your EC2 Instance.  Taking a snapshot means that you will have to stop running the Instance.  You have two benefits from this.  First off, you will have a nice backup snapshot of the server state prior migration in the event that disaster occurs.  Secondly, you need a snapshot in order to generate an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) from which, you will be able to Launch a new Instance in your desired Region.

  • Log into your AWS account and go to your EC2 Instances.
  • Locate the Instance you want to migrate and right click on it.
  • From the context menu select, Instance State -> Stop
  • You now much wait for the Instance to stop running.
  • Once the Instance has stopped right click on it again and select, Image -> Create Image
  • After the Image is created (may take some time…) navigate to Images -> AMIs
  • Right click on the AMI you just created and select, Copy AMI
  • Select the Region you wish to migrate your server to.
  • Upon finishing the copy to a new region select the new region in the upper right corner.
  • You may then finish the process by navigating to Instances and launching the new AMI

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