Updating Bentley SELECT Server settings across a domain.

Bentley SELECT Server
Bentley SELECT Server

Recently we migrated our Bentley SELECT server to a new  server at a different site and a new version.  I

personally had never had to do this before.  The firm I work for has had the same SELECT Server in service long before my employment there.

I had to update the settings on every workstation across our domain.  physically going to or remote desktop into every machine to change the settings via the Bentley License Management Tool was not a viable option.  I wanted minimal involvement and the process to be seamless to the end user – no user interaction.

After some research I found out that Bentley packages their products with a tool called, licensetoolcmd.exe which could be called in a script with a few command line parameters to update not only the server address of your Bentley SELECT Server but also the Activation Key.  The following is a sample of the syntax for making your own custom batch file to deploy on your network:

if exist c:\logs\bssupdate.log goto end

licensetoolcmd.exe configure /setting:selectserver /value:name.yourserver.com

licensetoolcmd.exe configure /setting:activationkey /value:bentleyserveractivationkeygoeshere

echo %computername%, %username%, %date%, %time% >> c:\logs\bssupdate.log

echo %computername%, %username%, %date%, %time% >> \\someserver\bssupdate.log


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